Swim Lesson Schedule Fall 2023

To view the swim lesson schedule for the Balsillie Family Branch, click here.

Member registration opens Friday, September 1, 2023. To access online registration, click here.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for registering for swim lessons.

Pickleball – Now Available for Booking

Members Only

8-9:10am, 9:20-10:30am, 10:40-11:50am

6-8:30pm Open Court


12:10-1:20pm, 1:30-2:40pm, 2:50-4pm

Booked online, click here to book

· 3 courts available for each booking time, maximum 4 people per court

· You must be registered online in a time slot to be able to play

· We encourage you to bring your own equipment, limited supply available at the front desk

· Nets will be set-up for play by staff/volunteers

· Exit court and gym directly after your booking

· Clean shoes only

· Belongings to be placed in lockers or bins outside the gym

· Please support the open gym guidelines to ensure the safety of all members and staff

Treehouse Booking

Private Bookings (Members Only)
Families are now able to pre-book 60 minute time slots for the Treehouse.
  • Only families on the same membership can use the Treehouse during the same time slot.
  • Socks required, no shoes.
  • Parent/guardian required to be in the Treehouse actively supervising the child/ren.
  • A $15 fee applies for each booking.
  • Click here to read the complete rules.

Group Bookings (Members Only)

  • Maximum of 8 children per booking. We encourage you to reserve your space ahead of time. Click here to book now.
  • Socks required, no shoes.
  • Parent/ guardian required to be inside the Treehouse actively supervising the child/ren.
  • Maximum of 1 guardian per child in the Treehouse.

Click here to book now.

Drop-In Time (Members & Day Pass Users)

  • Maximum of 8 children in the Treehouse at one time.
  • Socks required, no shoes.
  • Parent/ guardian required to be inside the Treehouse actively supervising the child/ren.

Birthday Parties

Click here for information on birthday parties.


Members Only

Squash bookings will be for 40-minute time slots. Please click here to book court times.

Squash is a game that utilizes speed, agility and fitness so it is a great, fun overall workout. Racquets, balls and safety glasses are available for loan at the front desk. Please click the link to book one of our 2 squash courts. Court bookings are 40 minutes in length.

Please see our program guide or the squash bulletin board for more information on our skills and drills, squash house league and squash ladder. If you are interested in learning the game, please come out to our skills and drills or contact Colin, our volunteer squash instructor at 705-931-5580 to arrange a lesson.