Important News & Updates

April 1, 2021
Provincial Shutdown & Your YMCA

All YMCA of Central East Ontario Branches will be closed effective Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 8:00pm with a planned re-opening of Monday, May 3, 2021.

Membership Payments will not be processed on April 15th but will automatically resume once our facilities have re-opened. Members who had their payments processed on April 1, 2021 will have a credit when they return to the YMCA.

Licensed Child Care
Our Full Day Licensed 0-3.8 years Child Care Services operating in Belleville, Peterborough and at Lakefield District Public School will remain operational during the province wide shutdown. We are pleased to be able to continue to provide this service to our families during this most difficult time.

Your YMCA Needs Your Support
As a charity, your YMCA has felt the drastic financial strain of COVID-19. We have invested in the safety of our community, staff and volunteers so that we can all stay connected. If you are in a position to donate, please consider supporting the YMCA of Central East Ontario in one of two ways.

Over the last year, your YMCA of Central East Ontario has experienced a significant decrease in revenues, and we find ourselves projecting a deficit budget in 2021.

In 2020, we had no other choice but to access our reserves to a significant degree to re-open our doors to provide programs and services to a dwindling number of people. Pre-pandemic, our membership numbers across our regions were upwards of 17,000. This number has gone down by 60% to 6,800.

We have adapted to keep YMCA Members, Staff and Volunteers safe, we increased sanitization, installed barriers, safety protocols, added personal protective equipment and completed building infrastructure upgrades within our YMCA Centres. All of these at a considerable cost to your YMCA. Your YMCA of Central East Ontario has been serving our communities for more than 150 years. We have experienced challenges in the past, but nothing to the degree we are seeing today. You are a member of the Y Community, so you witness the benefits the YMCA brings to children, adults, and families every day. We change lives.

We hope you will consider supporting your YMCA by:

Making a one-time donation, click here.

To have your membership payment processed as a donation (you will be eligible for a tax receipt), please click here.
On behalf of everyone at the YMCA of Central East Ontario, I would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend. It is our hope that you will be able to enjoy some time with your families.

Be Well, Be Healthy and Stay Safe.

Belleville Branch – March 29

Under the guidance and direction of Hastings Prince Edward Public Health, the YMCA of Central East Ontario, has been actively working since September 1st to implement preventative measures to reduce the threat of COVID-19 spreading within the YMCA Belleville Branch.

We learned late yesterday that a member from the Belleville Branch has tested positive for COVID-19. At this point Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has assessed the situation to be of low risk to members, staff and volunteers. The member last attended the Belleville YMCA branch on March 22, 2021. We have activated our contact tracing protocols for members and staff who may have been in contact with the individual, and those members and staff have been notified.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health recommends monitoring for symptoms up to and including 14 days after your potential exposure.

COVID-19 symptoms include:
• Fever 37.8 degrees Celsius and over
• New onset of cough
• Muscle aches, joint pain and tiredness
• Difficulty breathing (shortness of breath)
• Tiredness
• Sore throat
• Headache
• Runny nose
• New loss of taste or smell
• Gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g., nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea)

The YMCA of Central East Ontario has modified some spaces and amenities to increase health and safety measure, as well as to ensure our valued members have a quality YMCA experience. That includes:
• Additional hand-sanitizing stations
• Removal of non-essential or difficult-to-clean equipment
• Reduced capacity, including an appointment-based system for all facility access
• Plexi-glass barriers at Welcome, Membership and Weight Floor desks
• Health screenings prior to entry through a digital health screening tool
• Directional signage to control the flow of participants in certain areas of the building
• Contactless scan-in stations
• Physical distancing measures (including signage, floor markings and some unavailable or rotating equipment) to maintain maximum distance between users
• Equipment usage time limits
• Removal of lobby furniture
• Mandatory use of masks inside facilities as per local health unit regulations
• Staff available to assist you

The YMCA of Central East Ontario has instituted additional and more frequent cleaning procedures following the guidance of health authorities.
These include:
• Increased frequency of high touch points (eg. door handles, elevator buttons, hand railings, light switches, toilet seats, taps)
• Regular and documented sanitization of common areas
• Employing hospital-grade disinfectant (Sany+ H202, Oxivir Plus, Vangard)
• Electrostatic spray and fogger technology as additional steps if an area needs specific attention
• Disinfection Kits – to support internal cleaning practices, disinfection kits have been developed and made available to staff at all our facilities

“Our approach at all times, has been guided by local and provincial health officials. While all recommended protocols were in place, we continue to review our efforts to ensure a safe environment at our YMCA. We are grateful for the ongoing support and direction from local health agencies and our community. We will continue to work together to fight the spread of COVID-19” says David Allen, President and CEO of the YMCA of Central East Ontario.

Balsillie Family Branch:

Due to limited space, please email your program cancellations to Please limit your bookings to one program per day to help accommodate more members. Bookings are loaded and available on Wednesdays starting at 2pm. Thank you.

Balsillie Family Branch
March 22, 2021

Due to the limited capacity of 10 members in the Aquatic area due to Red Zone restrictions, only 3 bookings per week are permitted for lane swim and aqua fit classes. We are striving to accommodate as many members as we possibly can. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Balsillie Family Branch
March 17, 2021

Attention Members of the Balsillie Family Branch:

Due to limited capacity restrictions in Aquatics, the Lifestyle Centre and Studio of only 10 members per space, please ensure you do not exceed more than 1 booking per day. We have experienced a number of members not showing up for their bookings. Please ensure you cancel your timeslot with 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend. Email to cancel your booking and state you are a member from the Balsillie branch.

Limiting your daily online bookings to one timeslot per day and cancelling your bookings with notice, will help accommodate other members who wish to access their program or class. Due to the uncertainty of knowing which zone we will be in; we have scheduled on-line bookings up to March 28th. The following week of on-line bookings will be available on March 24, at 3pm.
Being in the Red Zone presents some challenges however if we work together, we can ensure all members have an enjoyable experience. Thank you for your cooperation.
Balsillie Family Branch
Moving into the Red Zone has added additional capacity restrictions for the Balsillie Family Branch. At this time, we are only permitted to have 10 members in the aquatic area per booking timeslot. Therefore, we are booking one member per lane swim in the lap pool (6 members) and 4 spots in the Therapy pool. When we offer aqua fit classes, no lane swimming is available as we can only have 10 members in the class.
Lifestyle Centre bookings are for 2 spaces, 1 for the LSC and 1 for the Studio. This is to accommodate 10 members per space, a total of 20 members per booking timeslot. There is no cross over to each space.

These are challenging times when we move into different colour zones. We are doing our best to accommodate as many members as possible and provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Balsillie Family Branch Re-Opening
We are planning to re-open on Monday, March 15 and bookings will open at on at 2pm Saturday, March 13.

Watch the following video to learn more about new safety protocols while Peterborough remains in the Red Zone.

March 10, 2021
Balsillie Family Branch to Re-Open Monday, March 15th
We recognize the importance of physical health and understand that our members want to be able to utilize the Balsillie Family Branch YMCA. We are reviewing current guidelines with Peterborough Public Health to determine our ability to re-open in a safe environment, while in the Red Zone. There are many factors to be considered and financial implications of being closed, and also of re-opening during a very restrictive zone.
Our YMCA has been very consistent during the pandemic to ensure our decisions are made and processes implemented are done so with the safety of our members, our volunteers, our staff and community at the forefront.
We are planning to re-open on Monday, March 15 and booking for times will open at on at 2pm Saturday, March 13.
In order to safely re-open the YMCA, the following guidelines and restrictions are being implemented:
  • Active COVID screening will resume at entrance.
  • No access to change rooms or showers unless booked for aquatics.
  • No moving from one fitness area to another – your booked time is for one dedicated area of the facility only.
  • We will start off opening the Lifestyle Centre and Studio for conditioning room bookings, 10 per space; total 20 bookings per 75-minute timeslot.
  • Land fitness classes will resume on March 15.
  • Lane swim will resume on March 15. Pre-red-zone we permitted 2 members per lane however we feel for the safety of our members, we will book 1 member per lane. Therefore, 6 members will be able to do lane swim and 4 members can use the Therapy pool, a total of 10 participants.
  • Aqua Fit classes will resume on March 15.
  • Open Member Swim will begin on March 19.
  • Spa will open on March 15, only 1 member at a time.
  • Private swim lessons will start the week of March 29th.
  • Open Gym, Pickleball and Squash will resume on March 22. Masks must be worn by pickleball and squash participants at all times.
  • Treehouse will open March 15.
  • Kidskare will open March 15.
  • A member video will be produced and shared with members and staff on Friday with the upcoming red zone updates.
  • Strict 90-minute visit in facility will be enforced. One booking per day.
  • Timeslots for bookings have decreased to accommodate more members as the capacity has been reduced/restricted in each space.
Please note that these guidelines and restrictions will be in place while Peterborough remains in the Red Zone. If Peterborough is moved to the Grey Zone, the facility will be closed.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.
March 5, 2021
Balsillie Family Branch to Close Temporarily as Peterborough Moves to Red Zone
At the YMCA, the health and safety of our participants, staff and families is our number one priority. With safety concerns and restricted capacity numbers as the Peterborough region moves to the Red Zone, the YMCA of Central East Ontario is taking swift and decisive action to protect our community and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We wish to advise you that the YMCA of Central East Ontario has made the safe and responsible decision to temporarily close the Balsillie Family Branch in Peterborough, effective Sunday, March 7, 2021 at 5:30pm.
Our Child Care Centres in Peterborough and Lakefield will remain open. Please note that members from the Balsillie Family Branch are not permitted to utilize our other branches while Peterborough remains in the Red Zone.
Our Pandemic Response Team has been working hard looking at how we can best serve our communities and meet the needs of our members and staff. “With the ever-changing situation, and as a socially responsible community organization we have determined that it is important that we help with public efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19,” says David Allen, President & CEO, YMCA of Central East Ontario.
Any membership payments that are processed in the month of March will be credited back to members for the days owed.
We deeply appreciate your understanding as we navigate the challenging circumstances related to COVID-19. These are extraordinary circumstances and we thank you for your patience and understanding. We will keep you updated with our plans for re-opening.

Opening Update
February 9, 2021

We are excited to welcome members back to our Belleville and Quinte West Branches on Tuesday, February 16th!
Please note that pre-registration is required for fitness classes and access to our conditioning centres. Pre-registration will open at noon on Friday, February 12th at Lane swim and aquafit pre-registration will open as soon as inspections by Hastings Prince Edward Public Health are complete.

The Balsillie Family Branch will reopen on Wednesday, February 17 as long as the current Stay at Home order has ended in the Peterborough region. Please watch for confirmation of our reopening day and time.

Reopening Update
February 3, 2021

Members, we know you are anxious to return to your YMCA, and we look forward to having you back in our facilities soon.

Based on the current Stay at Home order coming to an end on February 11th and barring the order is not extended, our plan is to reopen all of our facilities on Tuesday, February 16th (after the Family Day weekend). Once we receive communication from the Provincial Government that the Stay at Home order and Province Wide Shutdown have ended, and Public Health authorities approve our reopening, we will share updates to members via email, our website and social media.If the lockdown is extended, we will not be permitted to reopen until the anticipated date. We will keep you posted on further updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we wait for news from the Government of Ontario.

YMCA Steps Up for Big Brothers Big Sisters
January 11, 2021

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Provincial Shutdowns
December 22, 2020

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