Kids Kare

Kids Kare has re-opened. Spaces are for Members only and must be pre-booked (spots are limited).

What You Need to Know:
• Parents must register by age groups (0-1 years or 2-9 years)
• Children 5 years and older must wear mask
• Children 2-4 recommended to wear a mask
• Limited items with child: only diaper, wipes, snack and drink or pre-made bottle are permitted
• Parent must stay in building
• Parent cannot enter room
• Parent must take child to bathroom to wash hands before entering Kids Kare
• Child must arrive with clean diaper
• Temperature checks at the Kids Kare door
• Time slot registration must be completed the night before by 7pm
• Cost is $5 per time slot, and you must be a member and register for a time slot
• Monthly fee is $25 first child and $15 each additional child

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**Please remember that we are an allergy aware facility**