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Balsillie Family Branch – Peterborough
123 Aylmer Street South
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
K9J 3H8
Phone: (705) 748-9622
Fax: (705) 741-3719

Name Title Extension
David Allen President & Chief Executive Officer
Christina Cook Executive Assistant, Association Services
MaryAnne Wooldridge General Manager, Balsillie Family Branch 258
Lynn Livingston Vice President, Finance and IT (343) 362-9622 ext 227
Carly Butterworth Vice President of People and Culture
Connie Reid Vice President Funds Development
Wayne Calberry General Manager, Region Assets
Claire Kennedy Manager, Marketing & Communications, Association Services
Jennifer Penhale Supervisor, Adult Fitness 231
Shannon Hunter Regional Supervisor, Aquatic & Camp 217
Crystal Read Regional Childcare Supervisor 224
Lisa Barcroft Supervisor, Lakefield Childcare 705-652-7782
Membership Services Membership Services Team 259
Miryam Buchahim Personal Trainer & YThrive Coorodinator 230
Robert Labreche Youth Program Coordinator & Camp Director 207
Glenn Baker Membership Supervisor
Maintenance/Housekeeping Department