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Balsillie Family Branch – Peterborough
123 Aylmer Street South
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
K9J 3H8
Phone: (705) 748-9622
Fax: (705) 741-3719

Name Title Extension
David Allen President & Chief Executive Officer
Elaine Pope Executive Assistant, Association Services 214
Kelly Brocklehurst General Manager 258
Michele Nicholls Vice President of Association Services
Lynn Livingston Manager of Finance, Association Services (343) 362-9622 ext 227
Carly Butterworth Manager, Human Resources, Association Services
Claire Kennedy Manager, Marketing & Communications, Association Services
MaryAnne Wooldridge Manager, Membership & Youth Programs 225
Wayne Calberry General Manager, Region Assets 220
Crystal Read Regional Childcare Supervisor 224
Lisa Barcroft Supervisor, Lakefield Childcare 705-652-7782
Jennifer Penhale Supervisor, Adult Fitness 231
Miryam Buchahim Personal Trainer & YThrive Coorodinator 230
Shannon Grant Supervisor, Aquatics 227
Membership Services Membership Services Team 259