Online Booking Aquatics

Online Registration is required to book swim time in all three facilities. We have capacity numbers to ensure a healthy, safe experience for all. You must be a Member to book.

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Notice from the Balsillie Family Branch

Moving into the Red Zone has added additional capacity restrictions for the Balsillie Family Branch. At this time, we are only permitted to have 10 members in the aquatic area per booking timeslot. Therefore, we are booking one member per lane swim in the lap pool (6 members) and 4 spots in the Therapy pool. When we offer aqua fit classes, no lane swimming is available as we can only have 10 members in the class.
Lifestyle Centre bookings are for 2 spaces, 1 for the LSC and 1 for the Studio. This is to accommodate 10 members per space, a total of 20 members per booking timeslot. There is no cross over to each space.
These are challenging times when we move into different colour zones. We are doing our best to accommodate as many members as possible and provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone.