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Our current building no longer meets the basic accessibility requirements that we have a duty to provide. Our city is growing, and we have no capacity for programming growth due to the constraints of the facility.

Stairs and More Stairs at the Existing Building

Stairs and more stairs at the current YMCA


In 2017, the YMCA commissioned a Feasibility Study to review the needs of the organization and the community we serve. Leisure Plan International, a leading urban planning consulting firm, worked with the leadership team of YMCA of Central East Ontario to explore the viability of a new facility and to determine the optimal site for the proposed facility and the delivery of a range of aquatic, fitness, recreation, and community services to residents.

Three potential locations were studied, the current location of the YMCA, a site located at the corner of Bridge Street and Sidney Street and north of the 401 was the third. The site at Bridge and Sidney was found to be well poised to take advantage of neighbouring communities as well as vehicular traffic across the Bay Bridge (approximately 15,000 cars per day). The west end of Belleville, where the YMCA Centre for Life will be located, is embarking on a revitalization effort and this new development will be a flagship attraction for both residents and visitors to the district. The new site is well served by public transit and accessible trails for active transportation such as walking and wheeling.

Map showing site of new YMCA

Home of the new YMCA Centre for Life


Subsidies – We are unique in that financial means are never a barrier to accessing our programs and services. In fact, 20% of our members receive financial assistance, and subsidies are an integral part of the operating model for the YMCA of Central East Ontario.

Whole-life approach – The YMCA is a special place. Members tell us they feel part of a larger community when they are part of the Y family and we are proud of our ‘whole-life’ reputation, that allows people to become part of something and remain connected for their entire life. We serve families through generations and our legacy endures.

We live our Mission – Our mission is simple, and we live it every day. We are a vital leader supporting growth of spirit, mind, and body. Our vision is of Strong Kids, Healthy Families, and Inclusive Communities.

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank the staff and volunteer teams for their efforts and commitment to bringing the YMCA Centre for Life project from idea into reality. They have worked tirelessly to make this happen and to realize a vision that will impact and improve the health of our community. They should be commended for their efforts. It is a very exciting time for our community and this will certainly bring value to the residents of Belleville and the surrounding area. We look forward to the day we open the facility and the people of our community can experience what the YMCA Centre for Life project will offer.”

JOHN ENRIGHT JR., Vice-Chair, YMCA Board of Directors

YMCA Community Crest