Learn how to make delicious recipes that will bring joy back to your table!

Struggling to eat healthy and meal plan effectively? The YMCA is excited to introduce EatPlantJoy; a healthy eating meal plan FREE for all YMCA members on Y@HOME+! With EatPlantJoy, our goal is to help you combine your active lifestyle with healthier meals that make your life more JOYFUL!

Meet Dr. Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas, MD is a Radiation Oncologist. As a YMCA member and volunteer herself, she has a passion to help YOU meal plan effortlessly and eat healthier. EatPlantJoy was initially inspired by Dr Lucas’ knowledge that over 40% of all cancer, and many chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle choices such as healthy eating. Sarah is excited to help YMCA members across Canada embark on this journey together.

What’s included in EatPlantJoy?
Take the guess-work out of healthy eating by following EatPlantJoy!

  • Easy-to-follow 32-week meal plan
  • Recipes using nutritious, seasonal ingredients
  • Meal prep instructions that make dinner time a breeze
  • The flexibility to swap food preferences in and out
  • Ready-to-shop grocery lists

Download your copy of EatPlantJoy!

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