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The YMCA of Central East Ontario is pleased to announce rolling registration for aquatic pograms that is focused on member convenience.  Members will now benefit fom a system that is convenient for them…..You will only need to register once in the fall and we will reserve that spot for you.

What is Rolling Registration?
Rolling Registration allows you to hold your preferred time slot or the entire school year (September 21st- June 19), if you are a member registered in an all-inclusive aquatic pogram.  Non-Members will need to re-register at the end of each session.

What if I am a new member joining the YMCA?

Awesome!  Welcome!  Membership staff will register you for the day and time that is convenient for you and you will be able to start right away.

What if my schedule changes and I need to switch?

No problem!  Just drop by the desk or speak to the Aquatic Supervisor and we can switch you to a new day and time that is convenient for you.  Your child’s progress and information will automatically be passed on to the new instructor.

How will my child be assessed?
Your child is being continuously evaluated by the instructor.  The Team Leader’s will also evaluate each class every six weeks, and will move students as necessary to a diferent instructor/ level.  Parents will receive a written assessment at the end of each session (when privates and other programs have been completed).

Missed Lessons:

In order to ensure that your child’s spot will be held for them, we request that you report absences to taylor.eddie@ceo.ymca.ca.  If a child is absent for more than two classes and the absence was not reported, they may be removed from that time slot if there is a waiting list.

Privates/Semi-Private/ SNAP:
Private lessons, Semi-Private lessons and SNAP program participants will follow the regular program session times and participants will need to re-register with each session.

Break times:

There will be no swimming lessons during seasonal breaks, i.e. March Break & Christmas.  These breaks will be communicated to participats via our whiteboard on deck, in the brochure and on the message screens located at the Membership desk and at the Cafe.

Questions?  Please ask us! We want to ensure everyone has a positive experience in Aquatics. Please contact Shannon Grant at shannon.grant@ceo.ymca.ca or  705-748-9622 ext 227 with any other questions you have.

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